Thinking of studying MBA in Egypt? wondering about MBA requirements?

There are several part-time MBA and distance learning options available in Egypt offering MBA courses in Egypt

Advice on: How to pick the right MBA for you

  1. The MBA is a professional degree designed to prepare students who have completed undergraduate work in any academic discipline and intend to pursue a management career.
  2. The MBA curriculum emphasizes the principles underlying business operations as well as advanced technical knowledge in relevant specializations.
  3. MBA provides tools for analysis and helps develop a managerial perspective. Advanced specialized and elective courses provide the necessary skills in a functional area of business.
  4. You will learn a lot while studying MBA and it will add great value to your career and overall knowledge, but this also depends on how interested are you in applying what you learn in real life and job.
  5. Select an accredited MBA program and before committing, verify that the final MBA certificate and tests are all issued by that accredited business school and not their local affiliate.
  6. There are many annual rankings of business schools, the Financial Times and Business Week annual rankings are the most comprehensive and are highly regarded.
  7. It is also important to apply to schools that fit your career objectives and personal style than to schools that achieved a certain ranking in those league tables.
  8. There are more and more universities that have joint programs with accredited universities such as RITI in Egypt
  9. Please note that there are lots of programs called "MBA", you can't trust every place that says it offers an MBA program so be careful.
  10. General MBA requirements, you will need to pass TOEFL exam (a score of at least 500) and GMAT exam (universities have different cut-over scores).
  11. Try this link for a free daily GMAT practice question by email as well as online GMAT study guides and practice questions.
  12. MBA applicants should have two or more years of relevant professional experience.
  13. To obtain the MBA degree, usually a minimum of 33 semester credit hours and a maximum of 48 credit hours are required. The exact number of credits will be determined according to the educational background of each candidate.
  14. You can also get a mini MBA or a general MBA or an MBA with a specialization in a field of your choice: marketing, International Business, Project Management, Human Resources just to name a few
  15. Some online MBA programs might offer flexibility allowing you to take one course at a time, or more so you can set your own pace, however, there is usually a timeframe for you to finish each course before moving to the next.
  16. There is a total of 12 MBA courses to be taken, 8 core courses and 4 courses which vary depending on the specialization you choose.
  17. There are quizzes that you take online and assignments you need to do as well research papers to be done and a final exam.
  18. In case of an emergency you can submit an extension request which might be for an additional charge.
  19. Depending on your pace, you can finish each course in a month or two (two months is the average you should be aiming for but 10 weeks isn't bad)
  20. It will take you around 2 years to finish the whole MBA program but it all depends on your pace and also whether you start the next course as soon as you finish the previous ones.
  21. Some people prefer to take a break between courses and this slows them down.
  22. All remote MBA program will require you having a proctor (a professor, university, or someone trusted) whom the MBA exams will be send to and should be there when you're taking your mid-term and final exams to time you)
  23. Online MBA costs: The whole remote MBA costs should be around $5,000 - 9,000 excluding MBA books.
  24. Scholarships: There is a few non-school specific scholarship schemes available to Egyptians:
    1. AUC (Jameel Fellowship) for graduates with engineering or science majors
    2. British Council Chevening Scholarship
    3. Onsi Sawiris Scholarship
    4. Rotary Scholarship
    5. USAid MBA Scholarship
    6. World Bank Scholarship

Bellow is a list of contact information of selected Egyptian Universities offering MBA certificates

Local MBA Programs Address Tel
Cairo University (Joint MBA Program with Georgia State University) Cairo, Egypt
Knowledge Academy Nasr City, Egypt
Ouda Cairo, Egypt
RITI 11-A Hassan Sabry St., Zamalek, Cairo, Egypt 2 737 6006 / 2 737 5206 / 2 737 5207
the admission officer is Ms. Menna Talaat
The American University in Cairo

Admissions contact: Sawsan Mardini
113 Kasr El Aini St., P.O. Box 2511, Cairo, 11511, Egypt

tel 20.2.794.2964 (Cairo) 1.212.730.8800 (New York)
The Arab Acadmey for science and Technology and Maritime transport Cairo, Alex, Saudi Arabia
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